What Elia means

Elia means olive tree in Greek.  In Greek mythology, it is said that Athens, the capital of Greece, was named after the Goddess Athena when she offered a great gift to her people - the olive tree. Since then the "Elia" is the symbol of longevity, well-being, and balanced diet.

Our philosophy

Greeks are passionate about good food made with the highest quality ingredients. Food is an integral part of our everyday and the cornerstone of every occasion. And we believe that our options reign supreme among these ingredients. This is the center of our menu, which is fast, simple with different options for every taste, always staying true to our Mediterranean origins.

Our products

Local when possible, natural, quality ingredients - all cooked with extra virgin olive oil, are what we are proud to serve.

All of our cuts are 100% genuine whole muscle meats, handmade, with no additives, no MSG, and no preservatives.

Now, just relax and enjoy your food, you are in good hands!